Power station Dubnany

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Photovoltaic power station Dubňany

The power station with total installed capa­city of 2.2 MWp was put into ope­ration in October 2008. It has a total of 12 270 con­nec­ted panels fit­ted on fixed gal­va­ni­sed structu­res with an alu­mi­nium fit­ting sys­tem on seven hecta­res of pre­vi­ously unused land. The pho­to­vol­taic power station is con­nec­ted via a trans­for­mer to the high-tension dis­tri­bu­tion elect­ri­cal grid ope­ra­ted by the com­pany E.ON Distribuce a.s. This con­struction is in the sun­niest part of the Czech Republic, in the area of sou­thern Moravia, in the industrial area of the town Dubňany-Horní Huť. It is one of the first pro­jects of its kind in the Czech Republic. In addi­tion to the firm SLUNETA s.r.o., the gene­ral con­trac­tor, the firm SCHÜCO INTERNATIONAL KG, the sup­plier of the tech­no­logy, also con­tri­bu­ted sig­ni­fi­cantly to the con­struction.

In 2010 the power station is sup­ply­ing 2 200 MWh of elect­ri­cal energy to the grid, which is the amount con­su­med every year by appro­xi­ma­tely 400 hou­se­holds.

General con­trac­tor of con­struction: Sluneta s.r.o.

Financing part­ner: Raiffeisen Leasing s.r.o.

Other part­ners: Česká pojiš­ťovna a.s.