Power station Ratiskovice

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Photovoltaic power station Ratíškovice

The power station with total installed capa­city of 2.2 MWp was put into ope­ration in November 2009. It has 10 350 panels installed on fixed structu­res and trac­kers.  Thirty-nine Deger trac­kers were used, and the com­pany SCHÜCO INTERNATIONAL was a sig­ni­fi­cant sup­plier the con­struction. The power station is situa­ted on ten hecta­res of pre­vi­ously unused land owned by the muni­ci­pa­lity of Ratíškovice and ren­ted for a period of 30 years.

General con­trac­tor of con­struction: Sluneta s.r.o.

Financing part­ner: IMMORENT ČR

Other part­ners: Kooperativa pojiš­ťovna a.s.