Revenues from lucrative projects.


We manage the sha­re­hol­ders’ assets by inves­ting them in lucra­tive pro­jects with long-term pro­fi­ta­bi­lity and pro­jects with stable and sig­ni­fi­cantly pre­dictable future pro­fits and cash flow. The sha­res of E4U a.s. are an invest­ment tool which offers sha­re­hol­ders a long-term stable divi­dend yield at an anti­ci­pa­ted level of 6–8 % per annum. We focus pri­ma­rily on the plants gene­ra­ting energy from renewa­ble sour­ces, i.e., green energy. E4U a.s. was cre­a­ted in August 2010, and its his­tory goes back to 2006, when the com­pany SANERGIE a.s. was foun­ded, the sha­res of which con­sti­tute the equity of the com­pany E4U a.s. at a level of CZK 239 mil­lion. Via the sub­si­di­ary SANERGIE a.s., we currently ope­rate two solar parks in the area of sou­thern Moravia with a total installed capa­city of 4.4 MWp.


Dividend yield

The yields from these pro­jects are high enough for us to be able to pay our sha­re­hol­ders above-average divi­dends over the long term at an anti­ci­pa­ted level of 6–8% of the share’s nomi­nal value per annum. The acqui­si­tion of new pro­jects in the Czech and Slovak repub­lics will be gra­du­ally finan­ced through an incre­ase in equity and the issue of new sha­res. The yields from our sha­res are thus “lin­ked” to the yields from the indi­vi­dual pro­jects. We have conclu­ded con­tracts for the pur­chase of solar hea­ting plants, which is the tech­no­logy of cen­t­ra­li­sed deli­very of heat to muni­ci­pa­li­ties. From the eco­no­mic aspect this tech­no­logy is also via­ble without state grants, and it has a chance to change the heat energy mar­ket  not only in Europe.

Future pro­jects

So future pro­jects will very pro­ba­bly involve solar hea­ting plants, but there could also be bio­gas power stati­ons or, for exam­ple, solar power stati­ons in Slovakia. The com­pany board of direc­tors has many years of expe­ri­ence with deve­lo­p­ment and pro­ject manage­ment, we are capa­ble of eva­lua­ting new pro­jects from the tech­no­lo­gi­cal and eco­no­mic aspect. Our aim is a gra­dual growth in the volume of managed assets so that the pro­ject port­fo­lio is suf­fi­ci­ently diver­si­fied and the liqui­dity of sha­res on the secon­dary mar­ket incre­a­ses.