E4U a.s. – Public Offer in Czech Republic

Investment Instrument in CZK

Purchase: via any bro­ker
Trading: Prague Stock Exchange
Nominal value: 100 CZK
Total nomi­nal value: 239.164.000 CZK
Dividend yield pro­jec­ted: 6%-8%, based on the stock price of 80 CZK
Dividend pay­ments 2011: 5,60 CZK, 19. September 2011
Dividend pay­ments 2012: 2,80 CZK, 31. May 2011
  2,80 CZK, 30. November 2011
The secu­ri­ties pro­spectus that has been appro­ved by the regu­la­tor of the secu­ri­ties mar­ket (Czech National Bank) is pub­lished on the page for INVESTORS.