Legal notice

The infor­mation con­ta­i­ned on the following web pages is inten­ded solely for per­sons whose regis­te­red add­ress or per­ma­nent resi­dence is loca­ted in the Czech Republic. The sole legally bin­ding docu­ment that can be used for a pub­lic sha­res offer in the Czech Republic is a secu­ri­ties pro­spectus that has been appro­ved by the regu­la­tor of the secu­ri­ties mar­ket, which is the Czech National Bank. Decisions on invest­ment con­cer­ning sha­res in E4U a.s. must be made exclusi­vely on the basis of infor­mation con­ta­i­ned in the pro­spectus, which is pub­lished in electro­nic form on the issuer’s web­site.

No pub­lic offer of sha­res in E4U a.s. is currently underway in other coun­tries; com­pany sha­res have not been and shall not be regis­te­red, in accor­dance with the United States law of 1933 on secu­ri­ties, as amen­ded, and may not be offe­red in the USA or per­sons from the USA and the infor­mation con­ta­i­ned here may not be dis­se­mi­na­ted in the USA; likewise, sha­res are not being offe­red pub­licly in, nor may the infor­mation con­ta­i­ned here be dis­se­mi­na­ted in Canada, Australia, Japan and other coun­tries in which such dis­se­mi­nation would be unla­w­ful.

By selecting the ‘YES’ option, you con­firm that the location of your per­ma­nent resi­dence or the regis­te­red add­ress of your com­pany is in the Czech Republic. The dis­se­mi­nation of infor­mation con­ta­i­ned on this web­site to per­sons whose regis­te­red add­ress or per­ma­nent resi­dence is not loca­ted in the Czech Republic could con­sti­tute a bre­ach of regu­lati­ons con­cer­ning the tra­ding of secu­ri­ties in some jurisdicti­ons.